CxO Round Table Conference


o acquire these ‘hard to reach’ decision makers CxO Positions deployed a two – pronged approach:
‘Relationship Building’ in the promotion process leading to a rich high – value Roundtable event.

The objective of the relationship building approach was to generate interest in the topic of the Roundtable events, cultivate a relationship with the customer that could be passed to our client later on in the process, and collect useful information on these potential clients for future use.

The objective of creating a rich high – value Roundtable event was to draw the time – constrained target group and provide them with an open discussion on the respective topic. The Roundtable format allowed the client to generate more organic discussion and avoid the pitfall of a ‘2 hour sales pitch.’

ALM Presentation

Round Table Meeting @ Chennai & Hyderabad – Mar ’13

Mumbai – Apr ’13

For Microsoft

DevOps in ALM

Presentation on DevOps

Mumbai – Sep ’12

For HP

Innovation & Transformation in Software Testing

Bangalore – Jan ’15

Chennai & Hyderabad – Mar ’15

For Micro Focus


  • My objective of attending training was met. The trainer was above far experienced

    Thariq Ahmed K P AMB INDIA PVT LTD
  • A good trainer. Presentation skill & confidence level is good. Course material is good!

    Piyush Dhani ORACLE
  • Trainer was very good with the examples that he gave to improve & understand the concepts better.

    Prabhakar Cirivn MICROSOFT
  • Trainer is confident, cool & well organized!

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