Docker Training

Docker is an open-source software containerization platform. It provides an ability to package software into standardised units on Docker for software development.

Prerequisites of Entry Criteria
  • Exposure to Linux/*nix command-line preferable (but not mandatory)
Key Benefits
  • How to use key Docker commands and get the work done
  • Using Docker Hub
  • Creating Docker files and building images
  • Exposure to Docker compose, volumes and networking
Outline of Course Contents
  • Introduction to Docker and containerization (10:00am to 10.30am)
  • Getting started with Docker CLI (installing Docker, running containers, pulling images, …) (10:00am – 11.30am)
  • Creating Docker files and building images (11:30am to 01:00pm with 15 minutes tea break)
  • Lunch break (1 hour)
  • Docker networking (port binding, linking containers, …) (02:00pm to 3.00pm)
  • Docker compose (03.00pm to 03.30pm)
  • Docker best practices (3:30pm to 5:00pm with a 15 minutes tea break)
  • Other topics (using Kitematic, docker-machine, etc). (05:00pm to 05:45pm)
  • Q & A (5:45pm to 6:00pm)


  • My objective of attending training was met. The trainer was above far experienced

    Thariq Ahmed K P AMB INDIA PVT LTD
  • A good trainer. Presentation skill & confidence level is good. Course material is good!

    Piyush Dhani ORACLE
  • Trainer was very good with the examples that he gave to improve & understand the concepts better.

    Prabhakar Cirivn MICROSOFT
  • Trainer is confident, cool & well organized!

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