Jump Start Parasoft SOA test for Web Testing

Jump Start to Web Testing is the quickest way to learn Parasoft SOAtest for Web Applications.

Course Overview

Instructed by a Parasoft Specialist, students will learn Web and Regression Testing fundamentals and the application of Parasoft SOAtest for creating robust and repeatable automated tests that validate the compliance and functionality of a Web Application.

During the training class, a Parasoft Specialist will provide instruction, visual aid, and mentoring for a classroom of up to 10 students. Following the syllabus, the instructor will demonstrate typical usage of Parasoft SOAtest utilizing real-life examples of Web Applications, which the students will follow on their workstations.

The examples are selected to showcase capabilities of Parasoft SOAt-est to identify functional, compliance, interoperability or security problems. At the end of the class, the Parasoft Specialist will oversee the students run Parasoft SOAtest on their own Web Applica-tions as they begin testing.

Prerequisites of Entry Criteria
  • Students attending the class should have strong problem solving skills and an understanding of debugging (logical approach to problem solving and debugging), HTML, AJAX, XPath
  • Familiarity with any special topics requested for the training
Key Benefits
  • Enable teams new to Web Testing automation to effectively test Web Applications
  • Increase the productivity of teams new to Parasoft SOAtest
  • Enhanced competency in performing effective Automated Web testing
  • Understanding the collaboration process that can be built around Parasoft SOAtest for de-velopers, testers, QA and performance teams
  • Examples and test scripts from training.
  • Any additional documentation created for and during the training.
  • Initial test planning and test asset creation done with Parasoft expert’s guidance


  • Web Testing Fundamentals
  • Regression Testing Fundamentals
  • SOAtest Introduction
  • Basic Web Functional Testing
  • Automating Web Validation
  • Data Management
  • Web Scenario Testing
  • Using Environments
  • Chaining Tools
    a. Overview of Available Tools
  • Modularizing Tests
  • Updating Tests as Web Application Changes (Search & Replace)
  • Best Practices
  • Running Parasoft SOAtest tests on your SOA infrastructure
    a. Workflow
    b. Reporting
  • Peer/Group Mentoring
    a. Group discussion of practical application of Training on Customer environment
    b. Group discussion of short-term and long-term goals
    c. Group discussion: “What do I do back at my desk?”
    d. Individual Peer Mentoring


  • My objective of attending training was met. The trainer was above far experienced

    Thariq Ahmed K P AMB INDIA PVT LTD
  • A good trainer. Presentation skill & confidence level is good. Course material is good!

    Piyush Dhani ORACLE
  • Trainer was very good with the examples that he gave to improve & understand the concepts better.

    Prabhakar Cirivn MICROSOFT
  • Trainer is confident, cool & well organized!

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